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May 2013 Archives

Having the talk now saves time and money later

There are many moments in life when it comes time to have "the talk", whether it is about marriage, children, divorce, or other personal concerns, there are some inevitable moments at which we must have difficult conversations with the ones we love. Estate planning can often be one of those moments and figuring out how to broach the subject and have "the talk" can be difficult and emotionally tense. 

Decision on inheritance for widow or ex-wife goes to Supreme Court

What appears to be a simple estate planning mistake is now a case being decided by the United States Supreme Court. The nine justices recently heard arguments in a case with a mix of family law and estate planning issues in deciding whether a man's federal employee life insurance policy should be paid to his ex-wife or his widow.

Appeals court says creditors can access inherited account

A recent court of appeals decision was a surprise to both bankruptcy and estate planning professionals when judges decided that creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding could seek access to the funds contained in an inherited IRA account.

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