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Premade will documents may lead to probate issues

On Behalf of | May 17, 2014 | Heirs & Beneficiaries

Almost all adults know full well the importance of having a will. For some people, the desire to get their will done might lead them to try to get it taken care quickly through a one-size-fits all document. However, this might not provide the protection necessary for their wishes to be followed when they pass away.

You have probably seen commercials and other advertisements for legal forms that claim to provide the protection you need for your estate. The sad fact is that unless you have only a very small estate, using these forms might prove to present a challenge to those you are leaving behind. This is because these one-size-all forms hardly ever cover all the bases. If any part of the will or an amendment to the will, which is a called a codicil, isn’t valid, your loved ones might find themselves in a fight in probate court.

Having to go through probate might cost your loved ones more money than what you would have spent to ensure you have an executable will. In addition to the expense, an invalid will leaves your estate in a state of intestate, which means your assets will be divided according to the Florida laws instead of your desires. That could mean the intended beneficiaries don’t get what you want them to get.

Each state has laws pertaining to what constitutes a valid will. In Florida, will formalities require that two witnesses sign the will or any changes to the will. Because of this, it is imperative that anyone who is creating a will understand exactly what is permissible. Getting answers to questions can help to ensure that your wishes are followed when the time comes for your heirs to get what you want them to have.

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