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Heirs can face legal battles outside of probate

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Heirs & Beneficiaries

Depending on what you inherit from friends or family, your legal battles might include both probate and other matters. This is often true when you inherit real property, such as real estate, in conjunction with someone else.

One case in another city in Florida involves two heirs who inherited a five-bedroom house from their father. The man was allegedly the head of a crime ring in the state, but that allegation has nothing to do with the current legal battle the women are facing. The issues are arising from the women’s desire to split their property in two.

The home is in an older and established neighborhood, and it is on a large lot. The neighbors report that historically, when heirs or someone else has split a larger lot, the result has been that the existing home is demolished and two larger homes are built. The neighbors in this particular area are voicing complaints about such practices and objections to the women’s plans for the lot.

Some in the community are worried that the women will build two larger homes — what the community calls McMansions — and that it will interrupt the flow and beauty of the neighborhood. The homes will be on small lots, so there will be less greenery, and there are some large oaks on the property that would have to be removed if additional structures are built.

The women are facing opposition from the neighbors on top of any other legal issues regarding probate and their inheritance. In some cases, it might take a battle just for heirs to agree to split a property in such a manner, and outside influence or obstacles can make dealing with property division more difficult. Understanding all your options as an heir or group of heirs can help you seek solutions that are best for everyone.

Source: The Tampa Tribune, “Community doesn’t want reputed gangster’s home replaced by McMansions,” Keith Morelli, Nov. 11, 2015

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