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Protecting family legacies: Creative assets

Creative assets can be a valuable part of many estates. You don't have to be a famous author or actor to have creative assets. Someone who has published minor works, created trademarked designs for a business or invented something could own creative assets that generate some amount of income in an ongoing manner. Including those assets during estate planning lets you protect them for your heirs, building a legacy for your family that could stretch through several generations.

As a trustee, do you understand investment strategies?

You might be surprised to know that investing goes hand-in-hand with several activities related to estate planning and estate administration. First, people use investing to build wealth over time, adding to their estates and building future stability for themselves and their heirs. Likewise, someone who is put in a fiduciary or trustee role over money left to heirs or a charity might also need to be aware of how that money is invested.

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