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Planning for “Fido”

Planning for “Fido”

Snyder Fido

Plans for Pets: You have options that need not be the same as the plan you have for your non-living things.

While pets are often adored members of the family, the law recognizes them as property. Despite this, pet owners often have desires for their pet’s well being, but they do not give effort to making their wish legally binding in terms of the continuing care of their pets. Wills, although appropriate for non-living property, do not suffice for all issues of planning for pets. Amongst just some of the shortcomings of Wills for this purpose of pet plans is their inability to have legal control for events during your life.


For example, a Will of the pet owner, will not cover the pet (and funds for its care) during the pet owner’s incapacity. Fortunately for pet owners, there are legal opportunities to avoid leaving the life of our pets, their welfare and security to chance regardless of the timing of the need and the size, big or small, of our estates. Whether for events of incapacity or death, we can assist you with recognized legal arrangements including trusts and other agreements specifically tailored for the custodial well being of your beloved family pets.

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