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Fiduciary Responsibility

West Palm Beach Fiduciary Responsibility Attorney

Florida Attorney Handling Breach of Fiduciary Duty Cases

Being appointed a trustee or an executor (personal representative in Florida) of an estate is a high-profile job. The person who is appointed has the responsibility to ensure the estate or trust is distributed properly and legal obligations, such as paying taxes and creditors; accounting to beneficiaries and proper investing strategies are met. As such, it is important that these persons have a thorough understanding of their fiduciary responsibility and that they carry out this responsibility in full.

Attorney Craig F. Snyder is an experienced estate planning and administration lawyer who represents both those who are selecting their fiduciaries under their estate plan and those who are to be appointed as an estate or trust fiduciary.

For clients appointing a representative, he discusses with them the most appropriate choice for their situation. While a son or daughter may be an appropriate choice as a personal representative executor and/or trustee for one family, others may need an attorney or third-party institution like a trust company to serve in this role, or vice versa. For representatives, he advises on their fiduciary responsibilities and aids them in complying with these duties.

A Personal Approach

Our firm takes a personal approach to probate and trust administration, estate planning, and asset distribution matters. As a smaller law firm, we are able to give each client the one-on-one attention they need to understand a representative's responsibilities and the consequences if they are not fulfilled. In addition, we offer personal guidance throughout the process, from the initial appointment of the trustee or personal representative (executor) through the administration of the estate or trust. We are a practice of not simply giving counsel in the area of representing the “representative.” We give value by doing as much leg work as possible for the client when it comes to administration, and to minimize the leg work that, from experience, other practices leave for the fiduciaries to fend for themselves.

Our goal is to help our clients avoid probate and trust administration disputes. We offer thorough counsel to minimize potential issues to avoid lawsuits. However, if a dispute does arise, we work closely with lawyers who handle probate litigation to make sure your rights and interests are protected while we continue to handle the matters for which you hired us without missing a beat.

Contact our law office, in Jupiter, Florida, to learn how we can help minimize the risks of appointing or serving as an estate representative.

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