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Financial Powers of Attorney

West Palm Beach, Florida, Powers of Attorney

In the state of Florida, powers of attorney can be granted in one way: “immediately”. Florida law no longer permits “springing” powers of attorney except those that were signed before the current law (October 1, 2011). When granted immediately, the powers of attorney take effect once the papers are signed. Powers of Attorney created before the current law remain legally valid, and for those who have springing powers of attorney signed before the current law, the powers under the document take effect, i.e., the agent has the listed powers, upon the date or the event specified in the document such as upon the principal's incapacity (as defined in the document). Validity, however, should not be confused with appropriateness and applicability, and as with any estate planning document, periodic review for a match to your current situation should not be overlooked. At the law office of Craig F. Snyder, we inquire about your specific needs to help you decide what powers are appropriate for an agent to hold on your behalf, and we then prepare all necessary paperwork needed to help you empower someone to act with authority under your power of attorney document. Since there are concerns that often arise when a person is considering granting authority to another to act for them, i.e., elderly parents granting authority to their adult children, Mr. Snyder helps his clients evaluate and choose an appropriate agent(s) for the powers being considered and he explains the options available for controlling the use of the powers granted in ways that fit your comfort level.

If you are facing questions about how to protect the financial and healthcare interests of a family member, elderly parent, or domestic partner, contact the law office of Craig F. Snyder, P.A. today.

Considering Financial Powers of Attorney

Financial powers of attorney can be granted to agent(s) to act on your behalf in regard to the following kinds of life-planning issues to name few:

  • Management of financial and property transactions
  • Gifting for tax and non-tax purposes
  • Financial support for self, spouses, and other dependents
  • The sale or other transactions regarding home or other real property
  • Transactions regarding personal property
  • Operating a business; controlling an interest in a business
  • Transactions regarding insurance
  • Protecting and managing interests as a beneficiary
  • Preserving and acting on legal claims
  • Entering into Medicaid and/or public benefits planning strategies
  • Making public benefits application(s)
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