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Valerie B. Snyder, MSW

Valerie B. Snyder, MSW is the paralegal and office administrator of the law firm of Craig F. Snyder, P.A. Although married to Craig F. Snyder since 1993, Ms. Snyder has been with the law firm since 1995 and has developed the estate/trust administration sector of the firm as well as manages its day to day operations. In addition, Ms. Snyder has served as a geriatric medical social worker for Jupiter Medical Center, coordinating services and community resources for the individuals she visits. Ms. Snyder's social work background has provided extensive knowledge and experience to assist in the comprehensive assessment of the individual and family needs within the estate/trust administration and estate planning contexts.

Ms. Snyder holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Tulane University (Sophie Newcomb College) and earned a Masters in Social Work degree with a focus on Gerontology from Florida International University.

One of Ms. Snyder's greatest accomplishment was the birth of their triplets, Brandon, Ethan and Hannah in July 2003.

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